Article Published Winter 2018

“Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: What Every Family Physician Needs to Know”

By Mary Dimmock, Susan Levine, MD, and Terri L. Wilder, MSW

New York State Academy of Family Physicians’ Winter 2018 “Family
Doctor” journal (p.23-25)

It ends:
“Most importantly, the family physician can validate the patient’s
experience and ensure that the patient is not harmed by inappropriate
treatment recommendations for exercise or talk therapy intended to
convince the patient they are not ill.”

2018 HS Scholarship Application

2018 HS Scholarship Packet

Who is eligible?

New Jersey high school senior or recent graduates, physician-diagnosed with ME/CFS.

The purpose of the NJME/CFSA Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a deserving student who has ME/CFS and wishes to pursue his/her educational goals in college or technical school.

The NJME/CFSA Scholarship is a single scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to be applied toward the student’s tuition or educational related expense.

Unrest available on Netflix


Info – UNREST on PBS

INFO – UNREST PBS showings and Bergen Mtg dates.
This was provided by the Bergen ME/CFS/FM Support Group
If you have a DVR you can set the program to record. Search “Independent Lens” for UNREST on PBS next week. I found the following dates and times:

Channel 13 – Jan 8 at 10pm 
Channel 13 – Jan 11 at 4:30 am
Channel 21 – Jan 9 at 12 am
Channel 21 – Jan 10 at 8:30 pm
Channel 11 – Jan 11 at 3:30 pm
Channel 21 – Jan 11 at 12 pm

Please search PBS online for tv schedules near you. I may have missed something. And it is likely that additional shows will be on in the future as well.

Annual Appeal

Jen Brea on Dr. Oz show Monday 12/18

Unrest coming to PBS

Save the Date: Monday, January 8th at 10pm ET!

Exciting News!

We are so thrilled to share that Unrest has advanced to the next stage of Oscar voting!! Click here to read the full story.


For NJ residents having difficulty paying Utility Bills

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