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Dr. Julian M. Stewart, Professor of Pediatrics and Physiology, Associate Chairman for Patient Oriented Research at the New York Medical College in Valhalla NY, is the Director of the Center for Pediatric Hypotension. He has spoken at NJCFSA Conferences about Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and Orthostatic Intolerance, often associated with pediatric CFS. He is looking to enroll young CFS patients, whether they have POTS or not,  in a new study.


From Dr. Stewart, and posted with permission from the NJCFSA Board of Trustees:


Vascular Dysfunction in CFS – CFS with and without POTS

We are investigating “Vascular Dysfunction in CFS” in the young (aged 15-29 years). This means problems with blood vessels and circulation. In many young CFS patients we have already demonstrated a circulatory problem called postural tachycardia syndrome or POTS. Our understanding of the mechanisms of POTS is incomplete and not all young CFS patients have POTS. We have proposed that even though some CFS patients do not have POTS, they may still have problems with small blood vessels that can be detected in skin.


When you come for your testing, we will perform a type of tilt testing and other simple noninvasive tests to determine whether you have POTS or not. We will also determine the type of POTS. If you do not have POTS, we will complete testing over a total of two days. using a technique called intradermal microdialysis (explained in the consent and in the website). There is a total subject fee of $300.


If you do have POTS, we invite to stay two additional days to undergo tests specific to POTS (4 days in total). On the first of the two days we will study tests of breathing and the function of the nervous system. This is listed on our website as “Hyperpnea in Postural Tachycardia” and carries a subject fee of $300. On the second of the two days we will test specific treatments for POTS which carries a subject fee of $150.


Further details of the research and representative consent forms can be found on my web-site,


Please reply to: 

Courtney Terilli, Research Coordinator; Telephone 914-593-8888


Julian Stewart, Principal Investigator 


Julian M. Stewart MD, PhD

Professor of Pediatrics and Physiology

Associate Chairman for Patient Oriented Research

Director, Center for Pediatric Hypotension

New York Medical College

Suite 3050,

19 Bradhurst Avenue

Hawthorne, NY 10593 USA


Research Office 914-593-8888

Pediatric Cardiology Office: 914-594-4370

web site: Center for Pediatric Hypotension



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