NJCFSA Achievement Award

(Text of NJCFSA President Ted Nilson's introduction)

    At each of our conferences, NJCFSA has traditionally awarded Achievement Awards to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the CFS community. I am pleased to present the award this to a physician who has been an exemplar in the providing of caring and compassionate care to CFS patients in New Jersey. If I tried to list all his accomplishments, we would never get out of here. Briefly, in addition to 15 years of private practice with a major specialty in CFS, he has authored numerous books, including the book of the month club selection Doctor Why Am I So Tired. He is a principal investigator in the Food and Drug Administration's trials of the drug Ampligen in CFS patients. He has hosted a popular radio show and made numerous television appearances publicizing CFS. He is a Clinical Professor at the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine and a member of the International Myopain Society and the American Association of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In addition, he has been a strong supporter of NJCFSA for many years.
    As one of his patients, I am most grateful for his willingness to listen, to always have something new to try, and his refusal to allow me to give up hope when I was most desperate.
It is my great honor and pleasure to present this award to Dr. Richard Podell.

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