Presentation of inaugural edition of the

Proceedings of the NJCFSA Conference on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1999

to Monmouth Medical Center on August 29, 2000.

Left  to Right:  Jon Sterling, Treasurer, NJCFSA; Ted Nilson, President, NJCFSA; Mary E. McNamara, Vice President and Proceedings Editor; Dr. Frank Vozos, Executive Director, Monmouth Medical Center (MMC); Dr. R. Sivaprasad, Director, Infectious Disease, MMC; and Frederic Pachman, Director, Altschul Medical Library, MMC.

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Thanks to all of the speakers and to Dr. Sivaprasad for their participation in the 1999 NJCFSA Conference on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; to Ted Nilson for layout and graphics assistance; to Jon Sterling for proofreading assistance; to Kate Mason for writing assistance; to John Celli for audio and sound recording; to Wendi Ledwitz for transcribing the presentations; and to Frederic Pachman for guidance in preparing the Proceedings for publication.

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